The RankStuff Interactive Flyer

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Linkedin Distribution:
Each month we create a digital flyer called RankStuff. Rank stuff is distributed online by our team of Linkedin regional editorial managers. Each manager is assigned to a specific region/ city. Our managers are chosen by their influence in specific regions (how many 1st level connections they have in specific cities).

We work with our partners at to enhance our outreach by creating tens of thousands of connections on Linkedin of people who live in specific cities. Our editorial managers then post this flyer 1x per month to their wall (similar to making a status update on Facebook). This generates thousands of unique impressions, new voters for our lists and a highly visible advertising space for our sponsors.

No Overlap
Each of our Linkedin editors have completely unique networks. Their profiles were curated to contain ONLY connections that live in specific cities. This insures that each time the flyer is digitally distributed on Linkedin each manager reaches a completely unique market segment. The post is only seen by people who live in the areas we are targeting.

Average Views: 5,000-20,000
Niche Targeted Clicks- 50-250
Votes- 100-250

Other Digital Distribution:
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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